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Your problem is not coming up with the design or idea, it’s finding a reliable t-shirt printer that will get your order done right and on time. Traditionally, you have two main options. The first option is to order online from a company you don’t know and treats you like a number. Good luck trying to talk to someone over the phone if you have any problems. You will most likely be bounced around from person to person and never have a chance to correct the issue. Your second option is to print shirts yourself. This can be messy and very time consuming. You would be looking at spending hours just to print a couple of shirts. We believe in a third, cost effective, and hassle-free option: T-Shirt Wonders. T-Shirt Wonders specializes in all of your T-shirt printing needs. We have over 20 years of combined screen-printing and embroidery experience. We have done orders as small as a single shirt to orders as high as 10,000 shirts. T-Shirt Wonders also assists with Art Vectorization, Digitizing, Creative Design, PMS Color Matching, and Simulated Process Printing. Read more about our services by clicking here.

More about our T-Shirt Printing Process and the T-Shirt Wonders Business

We us only Phthalate Free Plastisol ink. This makes all our prints environmentally and kid friendly. To top it off, this is industrial strength ink that gives you that soft feel and bright vibrant colors that you are looking for.

We mainly use two different sizes of screens and about five different types of mesh. If you’re looking for a glitter or shimmer ink, then we have a screen for that. Or if your design has a lot of detail and fine points, then we have a screen for that. If you can think of the design, then we have the equipment and expertise to print it right.

Top 10 Reasons on Why You Should Choose T-Shirt Wonders on your Next Order


Personalized service.

We treat you like a person and not a number.

It is our business to print amazing custom shirts that come alive. We use nothing but the best inks and printing processes in order to make your shirts last. We don’t just hit the bar, we are the bar for great quality screen printing.

How We Prevent Problems with Our Custom Printed Shirts

There are a lot of major issues that I have seen from other t shirt printing companies that could have been fixed very simply if you know what to look out for.


The First Major issue is when the ink cracks. This normally happens after the first wash when the quality of printing is really put to the test. The main cause of this problem is the dryer temperature and cure time. Most shops have the temperature and belt speed set for a 75-degree day. But as you know in Grand Rapid, MI it is not always sunny and 75, if you know what I mean. Therefore, the temperature of the shop effects the curing on all kinds of different prints.


Basically, if it is a cold day then the shirts need more time to cure. If it is a hotter day then they need less time to cure because the starting temperature is closer to the cure temperature. We do a simple stretch test on each order at the beginning, middle and end to ensure this never happens to your printed shirts. 

The Second Major issue is when the shirts have a brown or scorched look to them. It is very similar to the first issue as it relates directly to the curing process. Most likely the dryer is slightly burning the shirts. Weather in Grand Rapids, MI can be crazy from time to time. Just like stretch testing shirts at the end of the dryer you also must inspect them for the slightest scorching. Because once it starts on the first shirt it will tend to get worse as time passes. Most businesses who do T-Shirt printing operate on the set it and forget it rule. They don’t think twice after they turn the dryer on. We are always adjusting for the different types of fabric and temperature of the day. It is always better to set up two and print correctly and then the other way around.

The Third Major issue is when other t-shirt printing companies try to hold artwork hostage. After you go through the entire process of having t-shirts printed online most companies will never give you the art files in a format that you can use. It is their way of forcing you to come back to them whether you like them or not. Here at T-Shirt Wonders , we can’t stand that practice. I don’t think it is appropriate to hold high resolution artwork hostage after the order is complete. Once we are done with your Amazing Custom Printed T-Shirts, all of the files are yours to do what you like. We will try to keep files on back up just incase you need anything in future. Feel free to just ask. I would be happy to send them to you!

Bringing your Custom Printed T-Shirts to Life in 3 Easy Steps

Our success depends on your satisfaction. So, we try to make things as easy and worry free as possible.

Send us an e-mail with a brief description of what you are looking for such as the number of shirts and the artwork. And we can handle the rest.

(Don’t worry we can also design something for you as well if you like)

We send the design to our artist along with your description. Our artist will send back a mock up so that you can see what your Amazing Custom Printed Shirts will look like before they even go to the press. Once we have the approval on the mock up then all we need to do is to take care of the invoice and we are all set to move to the next step.

Sit back and relax. We got it from here. Your shirts will move forward to production. We will call text or e-mail you when they are ready for delivery or pick up. Lastly if you like we would be more then happy to text you pictures of them as they come off the belt. 

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